We are delighted to showcase a true masterpiece of design and workmanship at Lux Gallery this June.

“Black Moorni” by ASM Collection is an extraordinary art piece that seamlessly blends the allure of a peacock with Indian-inspired design elements. Crafted meticulously from over 100 individual pieces, this artwork showcases a mesmerising fusion of materials, including mahogany, oak & maple woods, suede, and shimmering crystals, resulting in a truly captivating composition.
At the centrepiece of this artwork, a magnificent peacock commands attention with its striking mahogany wood body and contrasting maple wood head. The peacock’s feathers, crafted with precision from mahogany veneers and adorned with shimmering crystals, emit a subtle yet enchanting glow, capturing the essence of its magnificence.
Embracing the influence of Indian design, the artwork features delicate wooden accents adorned with ornate carvings inspired by traditional motifs. These intricate details gracefully frame the peacock’s form, creating a harmonious interplay of textures and patterns. The addition of black suede and crystals adds depth and dimension to the composition, enhancing its visual impact.
The title “Black Moorni” evokes a sense of mystery and fascination, capturing the enigmatic allure of this art piece. The term “Moorni” pays homage to the peacock’s profound significance in Indian culture, symbolising its majestic presence and spiritual symbolism.
“Black Moorni” invites viewers to immerse themselves in the enchanting fusion of natural beauty and artistic expression. This artwork stands as a testament to the transformative power of art, seamlessly blending traditional Indian influences with contemporary aesthetics and the use of modern laser-cutting technology. It creates a sense of wonder and captivation, inviting contemplation and appreciation of the intricate artistry and rich cultural heritage it represents.