Amandeep Matharu, also known as ASMCollection, explores the intertwining of traditional handcraft with modern technological advancements.

The desire to use natural materials is evident in ASMCollection’s work. Wood is the principal material, and through a process of layering, he creates intricate geometric and three-dimensional works. Artworks involve both hand-done and digital elements—Amandeep typically sketches out concepts before using sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce technical drawings ready for laser-cutting the elements of the final piece.

ASMCollection is heavily influenced by Amandeep’s current career in architecture. He merges his knowledge of architecture and passion for art into one cohesive and detailed work, at times blurring the boundary between art and architecture. ASMCollection also gains inspiration from Amandeep’s worldly travels and strolling through many arts and crafts markets and learning about local handmade woodcraft. South Asian ornaments and architecture influence the
patterns in his work.

ASMCollection is currently exploring how to use sustainable materials, such as reindeer moss, in his compositions—he is interested in the concept of living art and the actual health benefits it can offer.

Based in Birmingham, UK, Amandeep has showcased ASMCollection worldwide and has artworks in the USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and more.