Do you need some expert tuition on your camera, lighting, or product photography? At Lux we offer group classes for beginner photographers, but we can also provide tailored one-to-one sessions that fit your exact needs.

Our in-house photographer Owen de Visser has been teaching photography for 8 years, at colleges, schools, the NCS, privately, and through Wex Photo Video. He is patient and knowledgeable, and can offer one-to-one coverage on the following photographic skills:

Knowing your camera (what do all the buttons and dials do, and how to use them)
Street walks, and capturing stories (positioning, timing, people, scenes, ambient light)
Studio shooting (lighting set ups, tethered shooting, backgrounds and image creation. People or products)
Lighting (hard/soft light, flash/constant, modifiers, angles etc)
Processing and editing (introduction to RAW photography, Lightroom and Photoshop)

He can run a single session for as little as 1 hour for £40 to get you up to speed, up to full tailored course depending on your needs. Sometimes users just need an hour to understand what their new equipment does, and how to take their photography to the next level. Others may need guidance on using their new studio in its entirety.

Please contact us for tailored sessions, or see our events page for group classes

Learn how to set up a studio from scratch, which backgrounds, angles and settings to use, and what modifiers to use

Learn how to take complicated product shots, using tricks, focus stacking, lighting and editing