Philip Hearsey

Philip Hearsey lives and works in Herefordshire, close to the Black Mountains, on the very edge of England where it is interwoven and blurred with the Welsh borders.
Although trained formally at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in the 1960’s most of his working life was spent in architecture, interiors and furniture design.

With years of experience and self-taught as a sculptor he now devotes all his time to creating work, specializing in the use of sand-casting, to make sculpture that engages the
qualities of bronze as a noble material in its own right.

Objects are solid, have a simple but intriguing visual quality, and are often tactile. Process, erosion, nature, chance and time all play an important role. Every sculpture is signed and uniquely numbered. Each has its own flaws and imperfections that are celebrated and add a profound beauty.  No two are ever the

When making sculpture what is in his head is private and he does not share much about the thought process behind each work. Titles are deliberately ambiguous. This allows whoever comes across a sculpture to create their own interpretation and story to complete the work.

Sculptures are domestic in scale and intended for the interiors of homes, offices, yachts, restaurants, and hotels. They are held in private and corporate collections across the globe.