Are you an artist interested in having your work displayed at Lux?

We love working with new artists, and are also keen to support local creatives wherever possible. However, as we receive enquiries daily by artists who want to work with us, we simply cannot support them all. Our curator has spent the last 2 years visiting art fairs, meeting artists, visiting galleries across the UK and researching artists online. He also runs Birmingham Open Studios, so has hundreds of local Birmingham artists already on his books. To date we have viewed over 1000 Uk based artists, trying to find the very best creatives to maximise our chances of survival.

This has meant that we have chosen our artists based upon them meeting a strict criteria. We ask that before you approach Lux about the possibility of representing you, that you read the following criteria to see if you could be eligible.

1) Does your work suit Lux? There are countless art galleries in the UK, each with their own USP and style. A successful artist in one gallery might look out of place in a competing gallery. Have a look at our current artists and ask if Lux is actually the right fit for your work?

2) We want to be exclusive. When customers enter our doors, we want them to have never seen the works, or our artists before. If you already have work in another gallery within 15 miles of Lux you won’t be eligible, unless you are offering a completely new style or range exclusively to us.

3) We prefer artists that already have a large following and fan base. These artists will help promote us effectively to their existing audiences, and we can then benefit from artists bringing with them new art collectors and customers from across the UK.

4) Art needs to be of a certain calibre. As every inch of wall space needs to be used to its maximum commercial potential, we are seeking artists with a proven record of selling paintings for over £1000, or ceramics and prints for £100’s. It’s risky opening a new business, so we are minimising the risk by working with successful artists, as this helps our chances of survival.

5) We need to like it. Art is subjective, and one gallery curator may have a very different taste to the next. It’s vital that we actually love and believe in the artworks that we sell. If an artist isn’t our cup of tea, that doesn’t mean we think the artist is bad. It’s simply a matter of taste

For all artists who apply to join Lux Gallery, we may ask for proof that your art does sell regularly for the values stated above elsewhere. 

Please note: These requirements may change in the future. We are a brand new, high-risk business, but we are capable of adapting. When we are more established and able to take risks on new local creatives, we will.

Happy to proceed? Please email us at [email protected]

We will want to see samples of your work (with prices), previous/current exhibitions at other galleries, any awards you may have, and links to your website and social media. Please note that due to the high amount of enquiries by artists, we will only contact artists who we are interested in potentially working with