David Bez

Born and raised in Manchester, David Bez was encouraged to paint from an early age by his mother, a fine textile designer in her own right. During his childhood, his artistic talent emerged, evident in works dating back to the age of four, nurtured by his mother’s encouragement. With a Graphic Design course at Stockport College of Art and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Manchester Polytechnic under his belt, David has fully embraced his role as a full-time working artist, illustrator, and glass designer.

The contrasting areas of his work provide both challenge and excitement, enabling him to constantly reappraise and blend elements from each sphere, ensuring his work remains fresh and dynamic.Now, after two decades as a professional painter, David Bez works from his home studio in Levenshulme, South Manchester, just a short bus-ride away from the bustling city centre.

David’s widely collected and exhibited career spans across the North of England and beyond. Inspired by the urban, industrial, and pastoral landscapes surrounding his home, he employs a unique Faux Vitrial process. By hand embellishing his paintings with silicates and resins, David adds depth and richness to his artwork, resulting in a distinct and exclusive finish. This approach reflects his artistic vision and encapsulates the essence of his subjects in a truly captivating manner.