Charles Pedone

Please see Charles Pedone’s solo exhibition at Lux, 23rd April to 5th May

British/Italian, 1987

Having always had a creative nature and a passion for Art from a very young age, Charles studied Art & Design at college and later went on to study at Nottingham Trent University (NTU).

Charles works intuitively to produce conversational pieces that embody a semi-abstract exploration with naturalistic moods, leading the beholder to embrace an other-worldly imagination. Each artwork has it’s own presence and personality and is a complete one-of-a-kind. Charles creates artworks that have a bold presence whilst affording a sense of tranquility to the mood of a home or environment. Through his unique coveted textures and signature use of pastels, metallic paints and polished resin, his work aims to captivate the beholder in a deep sense of reflection and enchantment with organic pieces that radiate new emotions from day to night.