Elliott Packham

Elliott Packham, British, 1991

Elliott Packham is an artist based predominantly in Birmingham, United Kingdom. His work is inspired by broad range of 20th century modernist architecture, which he developed a passion for whilst studying architecture at the University of Bath until 2011. He enjoys modernist buildings as they are unfussy, clean and minimal with no ‘decoration’ to speak of; everything that is seen serves a purpose.

Having also studied Art and Design at A-Level before going to university, Elliott recommenced his artistic practice in 2019. His artworks are large scale pieces based on the facades of buildings that he has visited and photographed. They are made by firstly creating a technical drawing of the structure and then introducing acrylic paint to fill in different parts of the drawing, using masking tape to achieve straight lines. Elliott focuses on capturing the building’s overall form, along with the shadows and reflections it creates. Additional elements such as satellite dishes, laundry, cables and vandalism that distract from the buildings design, are removed from the composition so as not to distract from the form of the structure.

Awards: Shortlisted for the Birmingham Architectural Association ‘Calling All Creatives’ Competition, 2021.