Simon Wright

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Simon Wright is a British artist born in Yorkshire in 1974.

With a lifelong passion for creating art, he pursued a degree in illustration to start his artistic career. Although he enjoyed working as a professional illustrator, Simon found the precisely controlled style of painting limiting and began to develop a much looser and spontaneous style.

He revisits famous urban landscapes in an entirely new way, allowing colour to form the structure of his art. By layering shadows with colour and “dribbling” on the thick structure of the painting, Simon creates impressionistic scenes of landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Westminster. He aims to have a focal point in the painting but wants the feeling of the city to be the dominant aspect of the piece.

Explore Simon’s unique style and technique as he constantly evolves his skills to produce new works of art.

“By having a focal point like the Eiffel Tower or Westminster, I’m trying to have the viewer know instantly where they are in the world, but I don’t want that to be the dominant aspect of the piece. I want the painting to speak for itself and the feeling of the city to be portrayed to the viewer.”