Sophie Bridgland

Sophie is a self-taught artist of 10+ years who creates mixed media paintings, using acrylics, watercolours and other mediums. She has been painting since childhood, developing her style and exploring many different techniques and subjects.

Her art career started in 2018, when she hosted her first successful solo art exhibition which displayed the colour and versatility of her work. Since then she has hosted 3 solo art exhibitions, exhibiting in Brighton, Newbury & Reading, selling work from her inventory of over 400+ paintings and counting.

Her art is often expressive scenes inspired by real life, but captured in a way that enhances the beauty, light and energy of the subject. She often incorporates metallics that will catch the light and add another dimension to the paintings.

The aim of her work is to present a message or story, using the imagery to guide the viewer to see something through what has been portrayed. Often work is produced in collections wherein each piece connects to the others, but each individual piece brings something unique and fresh.