Francesca Hales

British/Italian, 1996

I am a recent Printed Design graduate from Brighton. Design and Illustration have
both been incredibly important for me growing up, so much so that I decided to do a
Bachelors of Arts. My final year at university last year was in the midst of the lockdown, and
drawing became so therapeutic for me that I therefore decided to base my final collection
on exotic retro scenes which people could escape to during such an unexplainable time.

It is so important for me to enjoy creating and to have fun with it, which is why I use a lot
of playful colour and unique detailing within the prints.
Illustration enables me to create untold stories and explore new realities. For me it is all
about the personal feeling you get from connecting with art, which is why it is such a
blessing to share it all. The majority of my prints consist of sugary summertime sunsets,
fantasy landscapes and timeless architecture, all of which are created using my chosen
medium of Adobe Illustrator.

My favourite thing about illustration is the way in which our wonderful imaginations can
be so uniquely translated onto paper. I like to believe that each print brings a comforting
and wholesome feel to any space. The most interesting aspect of being an artist to me is
the way in which a person will gravitate towards a certain print, depending on how it
speaks to them and what they take from it. It is a really special feeling knowing that a
piece of your artwork has found a new home in someone’s heart!