Danny Abrahams

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Born in Bradford in 1977, Danny Abrahams is a landscape artist who is entirely self-taught. Although he came to art relatively late in life, at the age of 32, it was his girlfriend, Danielle, who introduced him to painting by gifting him his first set of paints. Art quickly became a passion for Danny, who would experiment with various mediums and techniques late into the night to develop his distinctive style. After a rapid learning curve of about two years, he began to realise his potential, eventually quitting his job to pursue a career in art. Danny now displays his work in many galleries throughout the country.

Art has now become Danny’s central focus, and his work is heavily influenced by the striking landscapes of the North, which he considers his home. Danny also draws inspiration from his previous career as a musician and his many travels. His art appeals to those with a fondness for nostalgia, as he combines images from his childhood with those of the places he has visited. The sky is a recurring theme in Danny’s work, as he finds the everyday beauty and power of this natural wonder to be incredibly moving.

Danny prefers working with oil on board as it enables him to capture the various moods of the landscape and create his stunning “skyscapes.” His inspiration comes from the world around him, and as he sits in front of a blank canvas, his creativity takes over, and he uses bold colours to produce stunning and magical artwork.