Tipperleyhill (Abi Tippetts and Roz Berkeley-Hill), UK, both 1974

Tipperleyhill are two artists and best friends, Abi Tippetts and Roz Berkeley-Hill, who work together on every piece to paint florals, landscapes and abstracts. They are passionate about colour and how powerful it can be to lift your mood and create a happy environment.
The duo met while both working at a textile design studio in New York. After returning to the UK and later having families, they created Tipperleyhill so that they could see more of each other and paint together.
By working on multiple canvases at the same time, they swap from one to the other, or if a piece is larger, they paint on it simultaneously. Abi is right handed and Roz is left handed.
Abi’s strengths are in drafting and composition and Roz loves mark making.
Lockdown changed their way of working (Abi lives in Leicester and Roz in London); by working on large sheets of brown paper in broad gestural brushstrokes, they were able to post the beginnings of paintings to the other to finish and stretch onto canvas.
Tipperleyhill’s preferred media mixes acrylics with oil pastels, oils and pencil.
The fun they have in their friendship and the joy they have in painting together infuses their vibrant and textural work.