Wassily’s Häkeldecke

Theresa Franziska Jaenisch


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‘Wassily’s Häkeldecke’ (crochet blanket) is an original humorous artwork by German artist Theresa Franziska Jaenisch.

Each of Theresa’s unique paintings have a story behind the characters, written on the back of the work. The story for this artwork follows:

Wassily received this crochet blanket from his grandmother Oymyakon. His grandmother insisted it was to be used as a bath mat. But when Jagwiga came to visit in grandmother’s absence, she reported back to Oymyakon that it had been used as a wall hanging – which was very disappointing! 

Acrylic on canvas board.  46x36cm including frame

This artwork is eligible to be purchased through the Own Art Scheme, allowing you to spread the cost over 10 months with 0% interest. Please contact us for an application link

1 in stock