It can be daunting entering a new art gallery sometimes. Will you feel comfortable? Are you wearing the right clothes? Can you actually afford the art?

Here at Lux we have something for every budget. From original greetings cards from some of our artists Maureen Mace, Tipperleyhill and Owen de Visser at £3 each (or 4 for £10), you can pick something a little more original that the local supermarket.

Our art also starts at a very affordable price. Original small paintings (that’s paintings, not prints) start from as little as £55, or £75 for a slightly larger size. Mounted and ready to frame, these original paintings by Tippereyhill still have all the characteristics of their larger works: They are created by 2 best friends, who make all their works together, and are full of vibrancy and life

To see these smaller works, please pop ion for a visit or phone us for a video callback, as they are not listed on our website