We are absolutely delighted to finally be able to start doing what we love at Lux – meeting and photographing amazing people! 

Over the first 2 weeks of business we had all walks of life come and sit for us. Tattoo artists, salespeople, musicians, promoters, doctors and creatives. Each and every one of them had a slightly different idea of what they wanted to capture, and where the photos would actually end up being used.

As professional photographers it is our job to capture the essence of a person, but also make their photos the right fit for its intended use. In the digital era and with so many people still working from home, it is vital to show each person as a unique individual, and to give some personality to their photo and their business.

All photos here taken at Lux during September 2021

As a fully equipped photography studio, we can cater for a variety of clients 

Whether you are a family of 8 people, want to bring your dog for a session, or need room to dance, our studio is large enough to accommodate small groups of people and movement. We have a wide range of lighting, triggers, modifiers and tools to make your photos shine.

We shoot tethered, meaning that as we press the shutter button some processing is added instantly through photographic editing software. This is then shown live on a large screen. This makes choosing images, posing and improving images a doddle. No need to come back to view your photoshoot. You can see it as it happens!

All photos shown here taken during September 2021

Want to book a shoot or find out more?

Please contact us via email at [email protected] or call us on (0121) 455 8884