Neil Pengelly

Northants based artist Neil Pengelly has been honing his skills in drawing, painting and, more recently, digital artworks since a child and has now found the style of creating artworks that marries all of them.

Neil Pengelly’s artworks have evolved from the chalk and charcoal figurative pieces to a more exciting and looser blaze of colours with varying subject matters. He found that that there are limitless possibilities with digital art that he would never be able to recreate with paintbrushes and pencils but likes to stay authentic to his art and so each print and frame is resplendent with added touches of acrylic and oil paints, and bejewelled with diamond dust, micro glitters.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss” – Most artists usually add a saying or motto to their bio, so this is mine. It means nothing to me whatsoever, but thought I’d better come up with one.” Neil Pengelly