Hilary Roper

Hilary Roper, England, 1948

Dip Art & Design, Cert Ed English, Art & Design.

Hilary is a highly talented, published artist and author and illustrator of children’s books having had reviews of her exhibitions in the national press, The Guardian. Her children’s books, ‘Surtsey the Cat,’ ‘Sashka the Snow Princess and All the Creatures of the Frozen North,’ and ‘Macfaddion’s Finest Hour,’ sell across the globe: www.pattersandpress.com. Prince Charles recommended one set of illustrations to go on exhibition with the National Trust at Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire, for ten years. Sotheby’s then valued Hilary’s work highly. Hilary is also a published author for Buttercup Publishers.

Hilary’s works of Fine Art create thinking webs of chaotic patterning and colour interaction. She works with professional oils on canvas using fine brush work for linear detail and a palette knife for thickly applied colour. She specialises in nude statues, geographic rock formation, countryside, landscapes, birds, rivers and trees. She works in the Dales and Lake District with her studio near Haworth. These paintings can vary from salmon leaping falls and buzzards in full flight to Koi carp, but her work is always stunningly rich with colour fields, colour interaction and nature in abundance. Every painting displays a unique composition style in a contemporary manner, yet filled with flow, swing and fractal pattern when it comes to each unique composition design, and depicting nature itself in its full rhythm.