Hazel Mountford

Hazel Mountford is a Bristol-based contemporary painter of wildlife. The main theme of her work is the competition for space between humans and animals and between animal species, a constantly involving jigsaw which she finds fascinating. Studying theatre design at Wimbledon School of Art and Earth Sciences at Open University, she originally worked as a scenic artist, props maker and muralist before following her passion to become a professional fine artist. Hazel’s paintings are highly detailed, presented on simple or minimal backgrounds and strive to capture a sense of quiet beauty, allowing the viewer time to pause and reconnect with nature. She works on bespoke wood panels, using the shapes themselves to create part of the paintings story. Her pieces are created in stages either initially drawing from collected specimens or working from anatomical drawings, proceeded by thin glazes of acrylic to create depth and finally culminating in lines of delicate intricacy. Each animal is painted life-size to allow the viewer to fully appreciate the species true occupancy. Though her art Hazel strives to celebrate the wonder and importance of all nature. Described as one of the “UK’s best wildlife artists”, her paintings have been featured in Art of England, the BBC Wildlife Magazine, Artists and Illustrators and the RA Magazine. Hazel has exhibited in London, Brussels, New York, Toronto, Singapore and Hong Kong. She has been three times a finalist in the David Shephard WAY competition and is the winner of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year - British Mammals.

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