Alexander Rhys

Alexander Rhys is based in Birmingham, UK.

His work has been sold and published in New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles , Moscow, Chicago Amsterdam and Japan. Rhys’ artwork was part of the “Cash is King” exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery, London. Alexander Rhys studied Fine Art at Bath Spa University, UK, where he explored the role of Art in Therapy. His unique works manipulate acrylics with the aim to take the viewer on a journey of finding the ordinary, extraordinary. Rhys' global and diverse clients include outdoor advertising giants Clear Channel, private equity firm LDC, model and actress Mille Brady and leading Kenyan hip-hop artist Octopizzio. In 2019 Rhys met British Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss how art can be used to help fight crime and how it can have a positive effect on people’s life’s. Most recently, Rhys was invited to have his portrait taken by world-renowned photographer RANKIN at his studio in London.