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The sculpture comprises of two materials, bronze and plaster, producing an abstract feminine figure.

The object’s ‘moving’ smoothed contours could be seen as an organic or living organism. The initial stage of the process starts with sketching. These drawings are produced without planning, based purely on intuition and emotion. The 3D object is then modelled from clay, giving its shape
and soul to the work.
For the next stage, a mould is made from the clay figure into which plaster is poured. The bronze section of the sculpture is modelled from clay and cast of bronze, then sanded, leaving certain ‘antique’ marks on the object.

In one section of the plaster there is a deliberate intention for it to be incomplete or seen as broken. This being a connection with the statue of Venus de Milos (150 and 125 BC), which is most often recognised by its missing broken limbs.

Created with plaster and bronze, attached to a marble base. 45cm tall, including base. Base 18cm wide

1 in stock


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