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An introduction by the artist:

“In this work, I was inspired by an early morning canoe trip.

The lazy river was covered in a light, fluffy fog. Nearby, the source of the slope, strew the pearls into the river as if paying a perpetual tribute. Soon, among the shadows of the trees, one after the other, the swords of the sun penetrated, revealing the mystery of the night. Like millions of diamonds, the dew, touched by the sun’s rays shone on the meadow’s surface, bringing a gift for the day”

This work is based on many experimental sketches. A 3D figure made of polystyrene was created from an extract of a selected drawing. After obtaining the desired result, the object was cast in bronze.

The sculpture is carefully balanced with three components that reveal the narrative imagery. The dark surfaces of the object are gently transformed into a polished, glossy cover. The shape of the figure is softly transformed from graceful into a harmonious floating form where the figure becomes weightless as levitating in time and space.

Bronze on white marble base. Height incl. base: 67cm. Width of base: 25cm.  Total longest width: 41cm


1 in stock


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